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Our Oracle sees beyond your veil

The Oracle seeks out your fate and fortune, receiving visions from beyond and far with trinkets to help you connect with your spiritual self as well as potions to keep you powering through your day to day.
Do Not contact our Oracle after a reading about the outcome of your reading.
Our Oracle does not hold Responsibility for any actions taken after them. 

Tarot Cards

Reality &  Personal Question Spreads

• Single Card: 50K GIL
• Three Cards: 100K GIL
• Four Cards: 150K GIL

Specific Question Spreads

• Two Choices: 100K GIL
• Three Choices: 150K GIL
• Strength/Weaknesses: 150K GIL

• Dream Interpretation: 200K GIL


Pendulum Reading

20K GIL Each Question Asked

Seek answers from beyond and let your fate become unwoven with the pendulum, a Divination Reading giving you simple Yes, No answers to help you discover what lies on the horizon of your thoughts. 

If the Pendulum swings in way's it asks again, you won't be charged twice to seek it's answers.

gift-of-knowledge (1).png


Decipher your name using numbers to unravel untold answers surrpunding your future and character, all you need to provide is your full name.

Number Calculation

• Destiny : 50K GIL
• Soul: 50K GIL
• Personality: 100K GIL



Crystals emit vibrations that can help you achieve your goals, calm your spirit or give you the boost of courage you need. All you need is to either carry the charged crystal with you or place it in your home where you will see it frequently.

Crystals come in many forms, please read below!

Please seek our Oracles advice before acquiring a crystal. They posses strong properties and using the wrong one may come with consequence for you or others around you.


Homebrewed Potions

Whether it be chasing beauty or ridding bad energies, our Potions will cover all bases and ensure you are able to ground yourself within happiness and comfort.

Menphina Glamour Water


Apply to the face and body then watch as your entire appearance glows with an everlasting beauty, ensured to work every single time.

Stress Be Gone Brew


Rid yourself of stress with our patent Stress Relief Brew, can be addictive so please try other options first

Scent of Happiness


Cleanse your bad vibes and bring in your happiness, all you need to do is take a deep breath in and relax your mind and body.

Leave Me Alone Perfume


Want to be left alone, hate attention?, spray this on or around yourself and watch as you get that space you need.



Boost yourself to make it through the day, designed to keep you going for 24hrs non-stop to help you tackle all your tasks.

Go Away Bugs Spray


Distance yourself from creepy crawlies on any adventure without bringing harm to them or creatures around them.

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